Arttu in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, CANARY ISLANDS  19.-26.12.2011


Arttu came with me on my family´s trip to Puerto Rico, and even got to learn some spanish! Even though they were just basic words like Grazias! (=thank you!), he got to use them a lot! Before the trip, he was waiting ecxitedly with my little brother.


DAY1: Arttu was very excited to see how the hotel looked like, and went on a tour to explore. After he returned, we decited to go see the smaller shopping center just above our hotel. He was annoyed by the ”come here, buy!”-people in every shop, but in the end, he seemed to have fun.

Arttu just outside the hotel.

DAY2: Today was full of swimming, and after thet, Arttu decided to find a sunbed to lay on. Good thing he didn´t get sunburnt! In the late evening there was a magic show in the pool bar, but Arttu was so tired from all the swimming that he joined my brother and went to sleep.

Arttu listening to the partying people.

DAY3: We went to the bigger shopping center today, and since our hotel was on the top of the mountain, it was quite a walk. Arttu walked a bit too, but eventually ende up travelling in my bag, enjoying the sights. There was another magic show at night, and this time Arttu was awake and saw it. He was also surprised how warm it was even at night 23 degrees celsius! Oh, Arttu also joined the children´s disco, and all were surprised by him.

Arttu walking to the shopping centre.

DAY 4: Today we divided our group to 2, and Arttu joined me to the upper part of the city. We took a lot of pictures everywhere, and tried our best to avoid the persistent shopkeepers. That was a failed try, though, but it was pretty comical to hear them shout all the ”moi moi!´s and other random finnish words.  Today´s pool bar show was more for the adults, since kids weren´t all that interested in singing. Arttu went back to the hotel room wiht my brother, while I stayed outside.

Arttu watching fishes underwater

DAY 5: Today, On the Christmas Eve, Arttu joined me and my father to our walking trip to the beach. He tried the water and it was very cold, yet the beach was still full. We found a hour-long ship-trip to the sea (though not far) in which we could go onto a undersea part of the ship, and see fishes from a close distance. it was really fun, and Arttu, was amazed by the abount of fishes outside the windows. Later we went on a walk-trip to the seaside wit the whole family, and Arttu showed them the way we went earlier.

At night there was a christmas party, which wasn´t very interesting to him at first, but oh dear, when the Santa Claus arrived! Arttu was overly excited! After Santa left, Arttu kept partying with the others and we went to see a flamenco-show. Just imagine how tired he was after that.


DAY 6: The last day in Puerto Rico! Lots of packing, but we did manage to take Arttu try some minigolf! After that we went to get ready for the flight, which was at 4.15 in the morning… He´ll be spending the rest of the winter holiday with us, so we´ll see how he handles the snow again!

I wonder where Arttu travels next?!

Arttu & Emilia, a student in Raahen lukio

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