Spring 2011 Arttu visited local school in KATOWICE – City of Gardens. (Candidate European Capital of Culture 2016)



Arttu in Katowice, Poland.

I was sitting all night long in the box, not knowing where I am. Apparently at lech´s. Next morning I felt somebody was picking up the box. Some time later somebody took me outside to the daylight. The cold, strong wind was blowing. I was put on the stairs and sat in many different chilly places. Sometimes I was passed from one hand to another. Thanks to that I could get some warm feeling from their skin´s warmth.

Suddenly they pulled out some objects, which were crakling as if the branchs were broken. I´ve been photographed many times before, but this time it looked much more professional. They looked as if they really knew the thing. They were laughing and making jokes all the time, quivering of cold from time to time. Then we went to the park I´ve never seen from such perspective before. I could count hair on their heads. I felt the rustle hum my head. But no, wait, those were just leaves rutling over my head. I released the branch and rose up to the sky. Yes I can fly. Or maybe just hit the target…Hit the soft moss of hit the cold, wet nose of the dog. Desktop? How may the dog be called like that? Pitbull sounds more proudly. Luckily the dog only sniffed me. Anyway,  people rushed to rescue me from his murdeozy paws.

Then we went to the building full of children sitting in the audience. They were waiting for somebody. For me? I sat timidly at the piano making the children smile. They started to wave to me, call my name and fidget in their chairs not knowing what to expect of me. I waved to them goodbye. After all it was not about me, it was about the real virtuosos!

But we didn´t  leave the building yet. We went up stairs higher. I could watch the children from the completely different perspective. Many of them raised their heads up. They were waving and laughing again. So I sat on the handrail making the old ladies smile.

After a long time of PSTRYK! PSTRYK! (crackling) by my friends, we left that place and went to the theater! The real theater! I´m absolutely sure that I was born in the spotlights and flashlights, because – honestly – when I´m on the scene – I was happy.  Shortly after that there was only the darkness surrounding me. For consolation I ate few licorice candies and closed my eyes. I missed Kasia. Where did she go?

It was a few days ago when I saw her the last time… What was happening then….. OH! I remember! It was the first day of spring. I was officially welcomed by a crowd of furry friends. Banners in English, Polish , French and German saying WELCOME, were also there. The hugs, kisses and balks were endless. Quite contrary to liquorice candies that we ran out of last.

The next step was a tour around the school. I was everywhere and saw everything: every classroom, study or mysterious places such as the school canteen.

OUR SCHOOL – the spring day 21.3.2011


I had been waiting for that day for a long time and finally, I went to Katowice- a town that has been associated with industry for decades, but now also with the culture. Unfortunately the weather in Katowice wasn´t good. It was cold and cloudy, but I didn´t bother and went sightseeing. First I visited students Project Office. I was told there that Katowice takes part in an initiative called Eruopean Capitals of Culture 2016 and the slogan of the town is ´the Town of Gardens´. The goal is to change the town and it´s image, which was and still is associated with heavy industry in to the cultural capital of Europe. I received warm greetings in the office and as I was leaving it was equipped with a lot of promotional materials such as leaflets.