Arttu vietti syysloman 2010 Lauran kanssa Roomassa:

Arttu continued his fearless adventures in the city of wonders of antiquity, Rome.

Arttu’s destinations:

  • Vatican
  • The Church of Petrus
  • Colosseum
  • Pantheon
  • Hundreds of different shops where Arttu really enjoyed shopping
  • Fancy restaurants and street pizzerias

Arttu tried his best to look as adventurous as possible.

I think Arttu turned catholic when he saw Pantheon.

Unfortunately, Arttu didn’t get a change to get to know the wild nightlife of Roma. Instead he almost fell off from the top floor of the sightseeing bus but by my sisters heroic actions Arttu was pulled to safety. Anyway, Arttu enjoyed the beauty, history of antiquity and the art of the city of Roma. Maybe he will go back there someday.

Arttu: ”The food was great, the company was great, I think I left my sunglasses to hotel. Cheer for every bear living in Roma city! Loved the trip.


Laura and Arttu!

ps. What is Arttu’s next destination?